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Friday, February 29, 2008

Spirit Day at BRCA

February 29, 2008 was a special day at Blue Ridge Christian Academy. It was BRCA's first "Spirit Day"! Students and faculty were encouraged to deck out in their spirit wear and/or school colors to support the boys and girls basketball teams. The school was decorated with banners and signs...and to top it all off there was a "Honk For Our Warriors" sign put out by the exit of the campus. =) Overall the day was an AMAZING success and will hopefully be done again.

Thanks to all the teachers, students, and parents that helped in Spirit day. Thanks to Mrs. Bird, Ms. M, and Lara Salem for the awesome spirit raised!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last year the season the boy's season ended 1-6. The boys were not defeated though. Encouraging one another, they all said that they would do better next year. They held their heads high, talking about how they would practice and get better. This year they started off in the same way. They lost their first game by 12. They all hung their heads, thinking that the season would the like the one before that. But they came back. Since that first game the guys team has gone 4-1, outscoring their opponents by 21 points. After last game's victory by 13 points, which guaranteed a winning season, they look forward to the last team they have to play.

The girls team entered the season shakily. Having scrimmaged against the boys had hurt their hopes, and none of them thought that they would have a winning season. But when they took the court the first day, for a double header none-the-less, they won both games. They won the next game after that, largely due to the efforts of their center Emie Salem, who was averaging around 20 points a game with about that many boards. Unfortunately they lost their next game, also losing Emie who was injured during the game. The girls lost their next game, with one of the few highlights being Sydney making the only basket. The girls are looking depressed, and need some fan support. Their next game is at 10:00 at Eastside YMCA, and I expect alot of fans there, who are all yelling.

Friday, February 8, 2008


On our way out!

Almost to safety!

Glassy Mountain Fire Dept. to the Rescue.

We are too cool!

Feeling a bit chilly!

Some in K-5 waiting to go back inside.

The third graders... waiting patiently.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Basket Ball!

Games are always at the Eastside YMCA

Here is a map:

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